Arahan / Instructions

  1. Mainkan fail audio di bawah dan dengar bacaan. 
  2. Fail audio boleh dilaraskan kelajuannya dengan tekan butang 3 titik di hujung kanan.
  3. Ikuti bacaan dengan merujuk fail teks bacaan dalam kotak teks kelabu di bawah.
  4. Kotak teks kelabu boleh di scroll ke atas dan bawah. Ini memudahkan anda merujuk dan mengawal fail audio.
  5. Dengar bacaan audio dan rujuk teks sebanyak 3 kali
  6. Baca bersama audio sebanyak 3 kali lagi
  7. Akhir sekali buat satu rakaman anda membaca teks.

Chapter 2: Sailing South

The wind is strong and the boat moves faster and faster. Jack, Max, Sasha and Tonya are happy at sea. There is a lot to do on the boat. The wind is behind them and soon they cannot see England. They are not unhappy now.

They are sailing south. In France they stop at L’Orient and Biarritz. In Spain, they visit La Coruna, and in Portugal they stop in Lisbon. The sun gets hotter and they feel good.

Sasha catches a big fish and they eat it for tea.

Soon, they are sailing past Africa. Here, everything is different. They stop in Gambia and people look at them. Small children bring beads and shells and cloth. Tonya buys a green hat. There is a lot of colour and noise and excitement.

They sail for weeks and weeks past Africa. They stop at many small towns and villages by the sea.

Africa is so interesting, so big,‘ says Sasha. ‘It goes on and on. I look at it on the map, but…

This is why we are here,‘ says Jack. ‘Talking to different people, seeing different things. The boat, the sea, the wind. Nothing is better than this, is it?

Some days later they see a big fishing boat. It is moving very fast.

Hello!‘ they shout at the boat. The men on the boat look at them angrily. Max looks carefully at the boat through his binoculars.

There is something wrong with their fishing net,‘ he says. Max moves the binoculars and sees something in the sea. ‘I can see some net over there.‘ He points to their left. ‘Why are they leaving it? Let’s have a look.

They get nearer to the net and Tonya takes the binoculars. ‘What in the world…‘ says Tonya. ‘What’s that? There is something in the net. It’s alive, but what is it?’

Very slowly they move nearer to the net. The thing in the net is big and it is making a lot of noise.

I can see it now,‘ says Tonya. ‘It’s an orca – a killer whale – and it’s hurt. There is blood in the water. What can we do? How can we help it?

I can see it too. It is a baby but we must be careful,‘ says Max.

Jack is in the water. He is carrying a long paddle. ‘I am going to help it. I can get the net off its fin,‘ he says.

Where’s its mother?‘ asks Sasha. She looks at the sea. ‘I can’t see any other whales, but they are near here, I think. Be careful, Jack.

Jack gets the net off the baby killer whale. There is a big cut on its fin, but it swims away. Suddenly there are other killer whales near the boat.

Jack!’ Tonya shouts. ‘Get in quickly.’
Jack swims to the boat as fast as a fish.
That baby killer whale… I am going to call it Lucky,‘ he says.