Arahan / Instructions

  1. Mainkan fail audio di bawah dan dengar bacaan. 
  2. Fail audio boleh dilaraskan kelajuannya dengan tekan butang 3 titik di hujung kanan.
  3. Ikuti bacaan dengan merujuk fail teks bacaan dalam kotak teks kelabu di bawah.
  4. Kotak teks kelabu boleh di scroll ke atas dan bawah. Ini memudahkan anda merujuk dan mengawal fail audio.
  5. Dengar bacaan audio dan rujuk teks sebanyak 3 kali
  6. Baca bersama audio sebanyak 3 kali lagi
  7. Akhir sekali buat satu rakaman anda membaca teks.


Jack Griggs stands on his boat. The wind is strong and his boat moves quickly over the sea. A big, white bird goes past and makes a noise. ‘Keyaaaa‘, it cries. Jack smiles and says: ‘Hello, bird. How are you, today?‘ Jack’s friends laugh and give some fish to the bird. ‘Ah,‘ says Jack. ‘Hungry, I see.’ Jack’s friends are Max and Sasha, and his wife’s name is Tonya. ‘I am hungry, too,‘ says Jack. ‘Sandwiches and drinks everybody? Tonya. Can you steer?‘ Half an hour later they are eating. ‘What are we going to do now?‘ asks Jack. ‘Oh, I am going to read my book. Then I’m going to sleep,‘ says Tonya. ‘No – what about tomorrow…? Next month…? Next year?‘ Jack looks at everyone. ‘We have lots of money from our old business, but...’ ‘We can start another business,’ says Max. ‘A sailing business?‘ says Sasha. ‘I don’t want to work any more,‘ says Tonya. ‘We don’t need to work.‘ ‘OK, listen to me,‘ says Jack. ‘I am thinking about sailing around the world.‘ Max, Tonya and Sasha look at Jack. ‘What? From here to Australia?‘ says Tonya.